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Yes! We had a dream.

Our Story

A dream to simplify your life with technology

Our Story

A dream to help you spread happiness

Our Story

A dream to help you grow

Our Story

A dream to make your every day beautiful

And a dream that didn’t let us sleep.

We dreamt of making your life simpler, more productive and beautiful. We saw people struggling with fragmented business processes. So we dreamt of removing all your nightmares.

Zyprr was founded with the goal of giving companies the tools they need to effectively manage their prospects, customers and business processes in a single cloud-based platform--without compromising price for functionality. Our founding team saw businesses struggle to get Sales, Marketing, Support and Finance teams on the same page, with access to the same prospect and customer information. The result was poor process execution, inefficiencies and unresponsive customer service.

Businesses are often forced to make a choice between the functionality they need and want, and what they can afford. Current CRM, Support/Helpdesk and Order Management vendors offer solutions which only satisfy parts of a company’s needs, rarely work well with other, related applications, and end up adding layers of cost, complicated functionality and rigid process structure. As a result, most companies are forced to compromise, resulting in a poor fit, or worse, no improvement.

At Zyprr we think enough is enough. We believe bringing flexible, powerful, easy to use CRM, Helpdesk and Order Management capabilities together in one low costs system is not a nice-to-have, it’s an imperative in today’s competitive landscape. We are passionate about business process and the full customer lifecycle, and that passion if reflected in our software, our customer support, and our whole team’s approach to solving your business process challenges.


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