Email & Collaboration Features

Zyprr allows you to integrate with multiple email systems at the same time. You can configure to connect with your company email address (IMAP/POP), your Gmail, Outlook and/or Yahoo! email.

Zyprr allows you to communicate with your contacts and leads using any of the configured email messaging accounts. You can make every customer email compelling and consistent.

Using Zyprr sync all your activities and calendar to keep your finger on the pulse of all your leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, and campaigns. Prioritize your activities in Zyprr so you can meet your business objectives in a timely manner. The advantage of the Zyprr activity modules is that it helps you have a comprehensive correspondence as well as a complete history of your accounts, opportunities, leads and contacts. And the more these activities are defined and used in the business process, the higher quality the KPI reports can be that are generated by the Executive Team.