The definitive guide book to Sales Lead Conversion

Learn how to bring your leads to your revenue stream

Zyprr sales hand book
In today’s world of cut throat competition when only 25% of the sales leads are legitimate and are ready to be taken forward in the sales pipeline, reacting at the right moment and grabbing the right lead and converting it into a revenue stream is the need of the hour.
  • 79% of the leads never convert to a revenue stream.
  • Only 9% of the B2B companies engage in lead nurturing activities on a daily basis.
  • As a result, the un-nurtured 91% stay in the group of those 53% of the organizations who lose on large purchases owing to their reluctance for nurturing a lead.
This eBook will take you through 10 steps of how to take a lead to a sales pipeline and be among the 35-50% of the companies which respond first to a lead and grab the big fishes.

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