The definitive guide book to Small Business Success

Five key success factors to make it big

Zyprr for small business success
It’s crazy. Simply nuts how many small businesses are sinking fast. Nine out of ten start-ups or small businesses fail or never make it big. But why dive when you can soar? No matter how you view success, there are certain factors that can turn ordinary ventures into a profitable brand. This eBook will explain you the top 5 success factors for your business that t we have learnt by analysing many small businesses like Senscio Systems, Santel, VocalBee, Acadia, TrillioData etc.

Table of Contents
  • Customer centricity is the key to the kingdom
  • Right people on the team really matter
  • CRM and Business Processes to stay on top of the game
  • Social Media is an always ON virtual party
  • Use Cloud Solutions and avoid expensive IT mistakes

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