Reports & Dashboard Features

Zyprr allows you to personalize a Dashboard by drag-and-drop of important reports & charts that show critical and relevant information to you. Executives and managers can visualize key business metrics while the sales team can focus on sales quota for the week, pending tasks for the day, or other work via custom reports. Zyprr’s dynamic dashboards enable each user to see the data they have access to, and customizable to focus on KPIs that matter to them.

Zyprr enables team members to create and modify their own reports with an easy to use wizard driven report builder for modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Calls, Products, Notes, etc. Report builder allows joining of modules where relationships exist – e.g. for given a given list of contacts, generate a report with related account, opportunity, notes, task, meeting, and call log details.

Reporting is a valuable tool in Zyprr as user’s can gather key data from various modules to generate vital information for their teams & organization. Zyprr provides support for Tabular report, Summary report with details as well as Matrix report.