Sales CRM Features

Manage all your contacts, accounts, leads and sales pipeline in Zyprr.

Use contact and account management module to manage all information and activities of your key customers and prospects. Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts & accounts, deals they are involved including the size of the deals, customer communications, and internal discussions on accounts.

Use leads to efficiently follow up on sales inquiries, aggressively attack new markets, and vastly improve your sales pipeline. Manage your lead activities with measurable marketing campaigns that directly affect your company’s bottom line.

Track early indicators and changes affecting your pipeline so you can stay ahead of your forecast, spend time where it counts, and meet your sales targets.

By using Zyprr you can manage more opportunities at the same time and pursue each opportunity with greater precision. As a sales person, you can use opportunities to follow a standard process, associate products, strategize against competition, and record your actions and notes, and more. And you don’t have to waste precious time updating a pipeline spreadsheet. Instead, you or your manager can generate the current pipeline with the click of a button.