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October 9, 2015
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What if I ask you what is the biggest challenge you face while running your day to day business activities? Most of the business people would say it’s the loss of data and productivity while juggling information across multiple systems. From marketing to customer support- businesses on an average are using more than 12 products to manage their processes. As a result managing customer life cycle becomes the biggest challenge for any business. While Zyprr solves this data fragmentation problem and productivity issues by bringing all your business processes- sales, marketing, support, documents and order management- under one social platform another fequick add 2ather to its cap is definitely its “Quick Add” feature.

Quick Add helps you to add record to any module without getting distracted from whatever you are working on. This feature is available on every page. From adding a new lead to creating a new support ticket- you can do everything using Quick Add without leaving the current context of your work.

Let us discuss with an example. You are in the middle of editing a lead. Suddenly you get a phone call and you need to store the details. Using Quick Add you can do that without leaving the current work, then save it and continue your work. Isn’t it just amazing? Well I think so 🙂

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